The 5 Most Common Types of Car Accidents in Houston, TX

Vehicle wrecks cost the United States a collective $474 billion per year in damages. A car accident is never a situation you want to find yourself in, but you have to know how to respond when the situation occurs. This starts by understanding a few common categories of accidents. From there, you can get representation from a car accident lawyer that can assist you with the situation.

Here are the main types of car accidents in Houston that you need to know about.

1. Single Vehicle Wrecks

One common type of Houston car accident involves an individual accidentally crashing into an object when they lose control of their vehicle. You might lose control of your vehicle due to weather conditions, distracted driving, or other issues.

Depending on the situation, a person might be charged for a moving violation and taken to court for any property damage that they cause. A car accident lawyer typically cannot help with a single-vehicle accident, unless the accident was caused by negligence such as a faulty repair job by a mechanic.

2. Rear End Accidents

Knowing how to respond after you’re injured in a car accident will be a huge deciding factor in the way your case plays out. Rear end accidents are common, especially when a driver is stopped at a light.

In a rear end accident, the car behind you runs into your bumper while you are either moving or at a standstill. This is another common car accident in Houston, and one that may benefit from the assistance of a lawyer.

These accidents can bring about long-lasting injuries that take a toll physically, mentally, and financially because they cause whiplash, significant back injuries, and other damages.

3. Sideswipe Wrecks

Sideswipe wrecks are also among the most common types of car accidents. These wrecks occur when vehicles traveling in the same direction collide with each other. This might happen when a driver switches lanes, fails to maintain control of their vehicle, or doesn’t see another driver in their blindspot.

They can cause significant injuries and property damage depending on the speed of travel and angle of the collision.

4. Head-On Accidents

A head-on collision is arguably the most severe and potentially fatal. It happens when another vehicle drives directly at your car and collides with the front.

You may want to contact a car accident lawyer for these collisions because the damage is likely to be significant.

5. Multiple Vehicle Accidents

Finally, a multiple vehicle wreck is one involving three or more automobiles. These wrecks are common when two cars collide, and then the other vehicles respond to that and hit them or other vehicles while trying to get out of the way.

Multiple vehicle accidents can lead to large pileups and significant injuries. They are the most complex forms of car accident cases since your lawyer will need to find fault with the driver that caused it, while also accounting for all of the injuries and property damages that occurred as a result.

Get Help With Car Accidents in Houston

These tips will help you whenever you’re facing car accidents in Houston and require legal assistance. If you don’t know what to do after a car accident, a team of quality attorneys can help you through the process.

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