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Why Young Adults Should Consider Estate Planning Now.

Speak with an estate planning attorney in Houston today. Estate planning is commonly considered a concern reserved for older people or those with substantial assets. However, the reality is quite the opposite—estate planning holds immense value for young adults at various stages of life. It is a proactive and empowering tool, allowing individuals in their […]

Estate Planning Lawyer

Inheritance Laws and Probate in Houston: What You Need to Know

Estate Planning Houston Estate planning is one of the key traits of securing the future for your loved ones. In Houston, understanding the intricacies of inheritance laws and the probate process is essential for a seamless transfer of assets. This article delves into the nuances of inheritance laws in Houston and sheds light on the […]

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Powers of Attorney: Managing Your Financial and Medical Affairs

Power of Attorney Houston Life’s unpredictability makes planning for the future crucial. Power of Attorney (POAs) stand as your voice when you can’t make decisions yourself due to health issues or other reasons. Understanding these legal tools is the first step towards securing you and your loved ones’ futures. What is a Power of Attorney? […]

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The Role of a Living Will and Advance Healthcare Directive in Houston

Living wills and advance healthcare directives are both legal documents that clarify your medical preferences and assign a designated person to make decisions for you when you cannot do so. These documents will ensure that your family and healthcare provider know what you want in case of a critical illness or injury. The legal documents […]

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Creating a Last Will and Testament: A Step-by-Step Process

Embarking on drafting a last will and testament can evoke mixed emotions. It’s a process that reflects a deep sense of responsibility towards your loved ones and marks a significant step in managing your legacy. At WestLoop Law, our experience in estate planning has shown us that every will is more than a document; it’s […]

Estate Planning Lawyer

Lifetime Gifts and the Annual Gift Tax Exclusion in Houston, TX

When it comes to estate planning, making lifetime gifts is a strategy that can provide significant benefits. Not only can it help reduce the overall value of your estate for tax purposes, but it also allows you to pass on assets to loved ones while you are still alive. In this article, we’ll learn about […]

Estate Planning Lawyer

Life Insurance and Its Role in Estate Planning in Houston, TX

Estate planning is a tricky process that requires careful planning and execution. When living in Houston, TX, you can seek help from an estate planning lawyer to look after your loved ones. An important part of estate planning is life insurance. It plays a vital role by providing security for your loved ones and ensuring […]

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Establishing Special Needs Trusts for Disabled Loved Ones in Houston, TX

Looking after your loved ones is a rewarding process. The reward multiplies when you have disabled people at home. Despite financial and physical constraints, taking care of disabled loved ones is every citizen’s moral and social responsibility. If you live in Houston, TX, and want to establish a special needs trust (SNT) for your loved […]

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Family Limited Partnerships and Estate Planning in Houston, TX

In the vast landscape of financial strategies and estate planning mechanisms, one tool stands out for its unique ability to offer both control over family assets and significant tax benefits: the Family Limited Partnership (FLP). Especially in Houston, TX, with its thriving economic environment and rapidly growing wealth, the importance of a well-structured estate plan […]