Houston Motorcycles: How to Claim for Different Types of Motorcycle Accident Injuries

If you’re suffering from motorcycle accident injuries through no fault of your own, the Texas legal system allows you to receive needed compensation. You may be wondering if your injury is relevant.

Injuries and their extent can vary widely from case to case. Let’s examine a few of the more typical injuries we see in Houston to which you might relate.

Common Motorcycle Injuries

It would be best if you had an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer to determine the specific issues you can list in your claim. However, we’ll discuss the overall picture of motorcycle accident compensation.

Unfortunately, Houston motorcycle riders need to file claims for economic damages more often than automobile drivers. A spill on a motorcycle frequently requires medical attention.

That translates into a heavy price tag for ambulance service, X-rays, and possibly surgery for complications like internal bleeding.

Include the cost of these and related medical assistance in your claim. Filing a claim requires you to keep careful records of all your medical bills.

Head and Neck

Injuries to the head and neck are common with motorcycles. Treatment of the skull and vertebrae requires expertise from medical specialists.

And the recovery can be lengthy. There could also be long-term issues such as memory and cognition problems from traumatic brain injuries.

Legs and Joints

Leg injuries are also common. Broken bones might make it impossible for you to return to work because of the nature of your job. Many people have jobs that require them to stand all day, walk several miles, or operate a vehicle.

Even when there are no broken bones, joint damage may make bending arms and legs extremely painful or even impossible.

Paying for Bike Repair

You’ll also be looking for a way to afford to repair your bike or replace it. If you’ve upgraded your bike, try to receive appropriate compensation for the money you’ve invested.

The insurer will want to go by the book value of your motorcycle. This is just one example of where an attorney is invaluable. The attorney could negotiate a far better reimbursement price for your bike than you could alone.

Non-Physical Motorcycle Injuries

But there are also non-economic damages that you want to add to your claim. For example, the accident may have ruined your love of motorcycle travel.

You may have gigabytes of photos and videos from your motorcycle travels over the years. But now can’t even think about getting back on the road because the accident has left you traumatized.

So, your long-time love of motorcycles has been ruined. You deserve compensation for that.

Wrongful Death

Sadly, a severe motorcycle accident can result in a fatality. You might have grounds for a wrongful death claim if you lost a close relative in death due to a driver’s negligence. To file for wrongful death, you must be either the deceased’s spouse, parent, or child.

The burden of proof is yours to establish that the defendant was guilty of negligent behavior. An example would be drunk driving or speeding. The particular demands of a wrongful death claim make it crucial to hire an attorney.

Where to Get Legal Help For Your Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Don’t think you have to accept the minimal offer the insurance company extends to you. Motorcycle accident injuries often require far more compensation than the initial offer includes.

You need a personal injury attorney in Houston with the knowledge and experience to fight for your proper reimbursement. That’s us. Reach out to our office today to schedule a consultation.

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