Is There a Good Car Accident Attorney Near Me? 5 Red Flags to Avoid

Most modern-day cars, trucks, and SUVs come with more safety features than ever before. And yet, there are still about 6 million car accidents taking place in the U.S. each year.

If you’re ever involved in one, you might want to hire a car accident lawyer in Houston, TX to represent you ASAP. You should be able to find a bunch of options by Googling “car accident lawyer near me.”

You do not want to hire just any old car accident attorney in Houston, though. Instead, you want to work exclusively with a lawyer from one of the best local law firms. This will require you to do more than just search for a “personal injury lawyer near me.”

You should look for local car accident lawyers and then see which ones are the best of the bunch. While you’re doing it, you should keep an eye out for any red flags that might suggest a specific car accident attorney won’t be the right one for the job.

Here are five red flags that should be on your radar at all times.

1. Little to No Experience

There are well over 1 million lawyers working throughout the country as of 2022. As a result, you shouldn’t get stuck working with a car accident lawyer who doesn’t have enough experience.

One of the first things you should look at when you Google “car accident lawyer near me” and begin browsing through your options is which local lawyers have the most experience. You’ll know that you’re going to be in good hands when you have an experienced attorney on your side.

You might not necessarily need to work with a car accident attorney who has been around for 40 years now. But at the same time, they should have more than a few months of experience under their belt.

Furthermore, you should make sure that a lawyer has experience handling the specific type of case that you’ll be bringing to them. For example, you might need to hire a truck accident attorney in Houston if there was a truck involved in your accident as opposed to just a regular car accident attorney.

2. Bad Reputation

When you poke around on the websites for car accident lawyers in the Houston area, you’re likely going to find that they’ll all tell you they’re the best options in the business. It can make narrowing down your options tricky.

One good way to do it will be by finding online reviews for the car accident lawyers you’re considering. These reviews will be very revealing when it comes to what kinds of reputations attorneys have.

If you see that a particular car accident attorney has an overwhelming number of negative online reviews, that alone will be a big red flag. You’ll want to turn your attention to the car accident lawyers who have almost nothing but positive reviews instead.

3. Poor Organizational Skills

Whenever possible, you should always attempt to meet with as many car accident attorneys as you can after searching for a “car accident lawyer near me.” It’ll help you get to know your options a little bit better and give you a good sense of which lawyers would truly be your best bets.

By meeting with car accident lawyers, you’ll also get the opportunity to see how organized they are. It won’t be a great sign if you walk into a lawyer’s office and see paperwork all over the place.

Filing a car accident lawsuit in court is going to call for you to fill out all kinds of paperwork with your lawyer’s help. If they aren’t as organized as can be, it could lead to complications with your case and prevent you from earning a victory.

4. Lack of Communication

Do you have a tough time getting a car accident lawyer on the phone when you have a question for them? Or do you struggle to get a car accident attorney to respond to your emails when you send concerns their way?

If you just answered “yes” to either of these questions, you’re probably not going to want to work with this lawyer anymore. You will need to be able to get in touch with your lawyer early and often, so the last thing you need is for them to lack the necessary communication skills.

A great car accident lawyer is going to pick up the phone when you call and get back to your emails in a timely fashion. They won’t leave you hanging and make you feel like you’re not a top priority for them.

5. Too Many Promises

When meeting with a car accident lawyer for the first time, make sure they take a closer look at your case and provide you with an evaluation of it. They should be able to rely on their own experience to tell you whether or not they think your case is strong enough.

There is nothing wrong with a lawyer telling you that they think you would have a good chance of scoring a victory in court based on what they know about your case. But they shouldn’t ever promise that they’re 100% going to be able to help you get your hands on the money that you’ll be chasing after by filing a lawsuit in the first place.

If a lawyer starts making promises to you in an attempt to get you to choose them over your other options, it’ll be yet another red flag that you shouldn’t ignore. You’ll kick yourself later if you fall for their promises and don’t get the best representation possible.

Remember These Red Flags as You Search For “Car Accident Lawyer Near Me”

Finding car accident attorneys in your area won’t be hard. Google “car accident lawyer near me” and you’ll see how many options you have.

But finding a great car accident attorney? That could be a challenge. Looking out for these red flags can make things easier for you.

You won’t spot any of these red flags when you call on us to serve as your law firm. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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