Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuits: How and When to File

Over 2 million cases of nursing home abuse are reported each year in the United States. If you take a second to ponder that, it is not only heartbreaking that our elderly are being treated as such, but it is also infuriating considering the cost of nursing home care in today’s society.

Sometimes abuse can also come in the form of simple neglect. If someone has a particularly difficult diagnosis to treat or if their mind isn’t quite what it used to be, untrained or improperly trained nursing home employees may unintentionally commit elder abuse.

This lack of training and patience is no excuse, however, and if you discover that your loved one has been the victim of nursing home abuse, you should immediately contact a personal injury attorney like this one if you are in the Houston, Texas area.

What Qualifies As Nursing Home Abuse?

There are several different offenses that may constitute elder abuse. These include both acts of physical and verbal abuse. While these actions may seem wholly unconscionable, they are believed to be as prevalent as child abuse. 

Let’s take a look at some instances of elder abuse and nursing home abuse to see if you may have a claim.

Physical Abuse

Just as with most cases of abuse to any age or demographic, physical abuse comes in many forms. Here are only a few.

  • Rough Handling
  • Physical Aggressiveness
  • Punching
  • Slapping
  • Kicking
  • Any other form of touching that inflicts pain, whether deliberate or not

Verbal Abuse

Think of it like this – would you speak to your grandmother that way? If not, there’s a chance that it may qualify as nursing home abuse when it comes to verbal abuse. In this case, residents in or near the area should contact a personal injury lawyer in Houston.

Here are some prime examples.

  • Making threats
  • Yelling in anger at a patient
  • Cursing at a patient
  • Being generally mean-spirited or harsh to a patient

Mitigating Factors

While it’s hard to imagine any type of excuse for acting in one of the above-mentioned ways toward an elderly patient, there may be some kind of mitigating factor. It’s important to remember that you may not have a full understanding of the law when it comes to nursing home abuse. Therefore, if you feel like you might have a case to file, contacting a Houston, Texas personal injury lawyer is the smartest route to take if you live in this region.

Elder Abuse Cases Can Get Ugly, So Hire A Lawyer Quickly

In an alleged or possible case of nursing home abuse, it is vital to contact a personal injury attorney in Houston before even tipping your hand to the nursing home itself. 

As a general rule, these facilities mean nothing but the best for their patients and residents, but they must occasionally fight to protect their business. 

Because of this, you should consider hiring a personal injury lawyer right away in order to receive the compensation that you and/or your loved one deserve. 

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