Steps to Take After a Houston Car Wreck

If you’ve ever been injured in a car wreck in Houston, you’ve probably wondered if you can recover any compensation for your lost damages, injuries and pain and suffering. The Houston car crash lawyers at West Loop Law and the Law Office of Nhan Nguyen know how to recover the full value of your compensation. Give us a call today to talk more about your case and protect your legal rights after a Houston area auto accident.

What to Do Right After the Houston Crash

Once you make sure that you weren’t seriously injured, get to somewhere safe and dial 911 as soon as possible to report the crash to the Houston Police Department and request an ambulance. If you think you’ve been severely injured, ask someone nearby to contact law enforcement and emergency medical services to come to the scene. Don’t try to move anyone who’s been injured and don’t try to move on your own if you’re in tremendous pain. You risk worsening your injuries before a trained emergency medical professional can provide treatment. 

You can start to gather evidence on the crash before authorities or emergency units arrive.

You’re required by law to exchange information with all involved parties at the scene, and you should be ready to provide your name, address, license plate number, and insurance information upon request. Take as many pictures of the scene of the crash as possible, and be sure to get contact information for any potential witnesses. Once you contact a Houston car wreck lawyer, you’ll want this information when you pursue any claims or file any lawsuits.

Contact a Qualified Houston Car Crash Attorney

You may be tempted to think that just a simple fender bender isn’t anything to worry about; but the truth is that you’ll want to help of a qualified Houston personal injury attorney with an understanding of the Texas legal system to represent your case. The last thing you want to is to wind up in the middle of a long legal battle over insurance coverage or liability for the crash. If you’ve recently been involved in a car crash, reach out to West Loop Law and the Law Office of Nhan Nguyen to discuss your case with Attorney Nhan Nguyen or any other of our experienced attorneys. We can help you navigate your next steps. 

Because of our extensive experience handling these kinds of cases, we understand the physical, emotional, and financial hardships that come with a car crash. We want to help you and take some stress of your shoulders. We’ll handle negotiations with the insurance companies, adjusters, and defense attorneys to make sure your case is treated fairly and you get compensation you deserve. Give us a call today for a consultation. 

Houston Car Wrecks

Houston residents know how devastating crashes can be. There were 47,585 reported collisions in the city in 2012 alone, with 7,307 people suffering severe injuries, and 193 deaths. Dealing with the aftermath of a traumatic accident can be overwhelming on your own. When injured parties believe that a reckless driver is responsible for their injuries, they are able to pursue a personal injury claim to recover lost compensation.

West Loop Law and the Law Office of Nhan Nguyen is here to make sure that you recover the full value of your claim. We will fight for the compensation you need to pay for your damages including medical bills, lost wages, pain and injury, and other expenses related to your accident.

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