Texas Rideshare Injury Claims

How Complicated Are Rideshare Injury Claims?

If you’re wondering how complicated a rideshare insurance claim can be, the answer is “yes“, they’re extremely complicated, especially because ridesharing is a pretty new and rapidly growing business. Laws and regulations governing the industry are in constant flux, and there are still many legal “gray areas” concerning liability for these accidents.

  For example, elements like if the rideshare driver had his or her ridesharing app on or off can make a huge difference for your claim.  If the driver had their ridesharing app activated at the time of the accident, then the insurance liability coverage would be in play, most likely from the rideshare company. However, if the app wasn’t activated at the time of the accident — maybe because the driver wasn’t carrying any passengers at the time — the company would probably contest their liability, instead claiming that the individual driver is responsible. 

Also, different protocols may apply depending on if the injured party was a passenger in the rideshare vehicle at the time of the accident, a driver or passenger of another car that was hit by the rideshare vehicle, or a pedestrian or cyclist that was struck. 

Another vital factor is establishing that the rideshare driver was liable. The driver may deny any wrongdoing, but your Houston rideshare crash lawyer will work to collect the facts and evidence that can show that the rideshare driver was at fault. 

Experienced Houston Rideshare Injury Lawyers Are Crucial

Because of the relatively new and complex nature of rideshare liability claims and the high stakes that are involved for major injuries, it’s important that you have an experienced and skilled Houston rideshare injury attorney on your side. West Loop Law and the Law Office of Nhan Nguyen, MD, JD is ready to help you explore all possible avenues for a successful rideshare injury crash claim or lawsuit. 

A claim involving our firm means that a Texas personal injury lawyer will work hard to recover a settlement through tough negotiations with the insurance company, of the driver AND the rideshare company; but more action may be needed. You may need a rideshare crash lawsuit to recover the full value of the compensation and recovery you deserve for your personal injury. 

Houston Rideshare Accidents It goes without saying that ridesharing applications have revolutionized the way people get around, mobilize and utilize personal cars and vehicles. Many Houstonians will hail a rideshare driver in order to commute to work, go out for dinner, or even to avoid drunk driving or a DWI after a night out. While companies like Uber and Lyft are often celebrated for making the roads safer, the industry has come under intense scrutiny

A study from the University of Chicago found that Uber and Lyft have increased traffic fatalities by as much as 3 percent. That comes out to 1,100 additional deaths each year. To make matters worse, those injured in rideshare crashes often experience difficulty recovering the compensation they deserve for their personal bodily injuries. 

An experienced Houston and Texas rideshare crash attorney can help you recover after being injured in a rideshare accident. These companies try to avoid liability however they can, and you need someone who is fighting for your best interests, protecting your medical AND legal rights. The legal team at West Loop Law and the Law Office of Nhan Nguyen, MD, JD has spent their careers representing injured parties and fighting to hold people and businesses accountable for negligence, carelessness, and misconduct that have caused serious and fatal injuries.

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