The Role of a Living Will and Advance Healthcare Directive in Houston

Living wills and advance healthcare directives are both legal documents that clarify your medical preferences and assign a designated person to make decisions for you when you cannot do so. These documents will ensure that your family and healthcare provider know what you want in case of a critical illness or injury.

The legal documents ensure your loved ones and health care providers follow your wishes at the end of life. If you live in Houston or Texas, consider creating and updating these documents as part of your estate planning.

Living Will and Advance Healthcare Directive: An Overview

A living will and advanced healthcare directive express your wishes for medical treatment if you are not able to make personal decisions because of a mental or physical condition. It makes it possible for you to express your wishes for life-sustaining treatment, such as whether you wish to be put on artificial nutrition and hydration, CPR, or other medical interventions.

By creating these documents, you can give your loved ones and healthcare providers the guidance they need to make informed decisions about your care.

The documents will ensure that your requests are followed when you cannot decide about your medical care. It can give you peace of mind and allow your loved ones to make decisions consistent with your values and beliefs.

How to Create a Living Will or Advance Healthcare Directive

Your living will or advance healthcare directive should clearly state your wishes for medical treatment in various situations, such as if you are critically ill, permanently unconscious, or even in a vegetative state.

Additionally, you should include information about your surrogate decision-maker and any other specific instructions you have for your care.

You should ensure that you and the two witnesses sign the living will or advance healthcare directive. Also, keep copies of your documents in a safe place and give copies to your doctor, family members, and healthcare providers.


A living will and advanced healthcare directives are valuable tools for planning and preparing for the unexpected. The document can help you avoid unwanted or unnecessary medical interventions and reduce confusion and conflict among your loved ones. You can find more information and guidance on how to do so from the resources provided.

Whether you need a simple will, a power of attorney, or a comprehensive estate plan, you need a qualified and experienced estate planning lawyer to guide you.

An estate planning lawyer will create and update your documents, avoid probate and taxes, and ensure your wishes are respected and followed. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact WestLoop Law today for a free consultation and evaluation of your needs.

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