This Is What to Do After a Sideswipe Accident in Houston, Texas

If you’re involved in a vehicle accident, it’s always important that you do everything possible to heal, collect evidence, and get legal assistance. Car accidents can be incredibly damaging and sometimes fatal. 

Motor vehicle fatalities are up more than 1,000% in the past century. Aside from fatalities, people often get hurt in vehicle wrecks and deal with long-term injuries that are debilitating and expensive. These injuries are either proven in court or out-of-court settlements. Both require an understanding of the law and what to do next. 

These are the tips that you need to consider when you’re dealing with a sideswipe accident. 

Pull Over and Collect Yourself

After you’ve been sideswiped, you might end up feeling confused and shocked. Pull over to a safe location, collect yourself, and orient yourself to your surroundings. 

Figure out the nearest intersection or mile marker so that you know what to tell the authorities. Make sure you’re OK and assess whether you have any injuries from the sideswipe accident.  

Call the Authorities

Once you’re aware of your surroundings, call the authorities so that they can clear the scene and help get you to emergency medical care if you need it. The police officer will interview you and the other driver about the incident to get these details on record. 

Make sure that you obtain a motor vehicle accident report that details everything that occurred, and that can help you prove your case. 

Get Medical Attention 

In knowing what to do after a sideswipe accident, make sure to also get the medical attention that you need. Even if you don’t immediately feel pain or have any obvious injuries, get in touch with a physician so that they can offer you an extensive examination. 

This could include scans to check for internal injuries or a series of tests to see if you’ve suffered a concussion or any other brain trauma. You might also soon require a series of physical therapy sessions to heal your injuries and return to your former level of well-being. 

Hire a Lawyer

Finally, you may want to consider hiring a lawyer that can assist you with your case. They will prove that your injuries occurred and their severity. The lawyer can also help you prove negligence so that you can win the case and get the settlement or judgment money that you are owed. 

Before hiring a lawyer, find out about the types of car accidents they specialize in and their level of experience. Find out how much they charge in contingency fees and hire them as early as possible to put together a winning case. 

Get Help With Your Sideswipe Accident

These tips are useful if you’re dealing with a sideswipe accident and want to make sure that you get the legal assistance that you need. Begin with these points and reach out to us when you need help. 

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